Guest Of The Month

Robert Puntar’s Work

Tubesters first Guest of the month is a young veterinarian/designer that is new to the business of making „fine arts“ and this is his international debut. Robert Puntar is a graphic designer, veterinarian and enthusiast based in Zagreb, Croatia. When not designing or being a full-time veterinarian, Robert can probably be found executing one of his many hobbies…

Tubester: How would you describe your design style?

Robi: I’ve always found my self being drawn towards urban and anime/gaming style art. I love reading and learning about artists from different parts of the world, and what would incite them to create their art. The result of this mix of different influences of my interests and gaming design sensibilities is my current vibrant style. My style aims at finding the magic in making the ordinary seem extraordinary.

Tubester: What do you do when you’re in need of Inspiration?

Robi: I live in Zagreb, so I’ll generally go for a walk in the nature. Also I visit a great amount of art websites. I can just sit and go through those for inspiration. Also, music is an inspiration tool.

Tubester: Can you give any advice to other new designers?

Robi: Trial and error is an important part of the process. I make sure that whatever I do, I take away some amount of learning from it. I would advise new designers to try many things that are not within their comfort zone. Only then they will know what they are best at, and in that process they will continue to learn more skills.